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GitWrite – Blogging with Git

October 20, 2010

[NOTE: This is cross-posted on my GitWrite blog.]

The first round of Rails Rumble 2010 judging isn’t even done yet, but you can see all the completed entries already.

My favorite of the crop turns out to be from my tweep @greenideas and his Hounds of Gore team: GitWrite.  Here’s their pitch:

Jekyll is awesome. GitHub is awesome. Heroku is awesome. But they don’t do what we want.

We want a place we can push a blog to and get online editing, offline editing in our favorite browser, Sass support and more.

We want to build a WordPress-like experience on top of a Git-based blog.

For a 48-hour application build, it’s pretty and it does what it says on the tin.  Very fun to use; you can pull your blog down with git and post to it with markdown, then push it back up.  Or just use the Web UI, like WordPress.  Themes should be easy to drop in.  For people who like Ruby applications and the git workflow, this is a lot more fun than blogging in a PHP-ruled universe.

My top feature requests (before I go off with a few friends, spend 48 hours and make a competitor … heh) are:

And haml templates and sass, if I can’t already do those — haven’t tried yet.

Anyway, I love it, I hope it wins, and if it’s still up next week I’ll use it to blog from Git Together ’10.



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