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Notice #3028: node i-bbd142d3 down

June 30, 2010

OpenNMS complains a lot.  It’s a touchy little bugger, and it’s supposed to be.  HTTP not responding here, SSH not responding there … and usually some ISP in the middle is just slow to pass packets.  The noise is useful.  All good stuff to know.

I absolutely hate this particular message, though.  When all services on all interfaces for a given host go away, that’s just never a good thing.  Here, as it happens, the message signalled the ugly and untimely death of my last instance-store based Amazon instance.  Ah, i-bbd142d3, I hardly knew ye.

Fortunately, everyone did as they were supposed to, and kept their databases and files on EBS, so it wasn’t a very grave undertaking to bring up a new (EBS-backed!) instance, move the volumes, and repoint the elastic IP.  There was a bit of downtime, but at least no dinosaur-killing disaster.  And I’m really happy to be rid of that last instance-store.  I always live in terror that someone’s going to put something mission critical on an instance-store by mistake, and then be really upset — with me — when it’s just gone with the wind one day.

Still, on balance, I really prefer days that don’t feature a “node down” message.


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